Please contact us to receive a quotation by sending an email to, or by calling +31-(0)624520624. Once we receive your application, we will send you a no obligation quotation or contact you for further information.

Rates in general

As we offer tailor-made services, our rates may vary from assignment to assignment. However, we always quote our rates for a specific assignment before we start. In case of an urgent assignment, a surcharge applies. Discounts may be offered for long texts and we also offer special discount to our regular clients.

Translation rates

Our rates for translations may depend on, for example, the complexity of the text, the desired delivery time, and the amount of text. We work according to the word-count principle in the target language, in other words, the rate is based on the number of words in the translation, not in the original text. For certified or sworn translations a surcharge applies, which is indicated in the quotation.

Revision and editing services

For revision, editing and writing work we estimate the time that is needed to check and edit or write your text. The rates are therefore expressed per hour. The rates may depend on the complexity of the text, the desired delivery time, the amount of text, etc.

Rates for advice, support and courses

With the exception of a few courses, our advice, support and courses are tailor-made. Consequently, the rates will vary in each case. Please contact us for more information.